Pursue Quality

Quality over quantity is key and easy to do so by adding the staple pieces that will be worn over time. By doing so, I added Grana to my closest. Their knitwear collection is made from Mongolian Cashmere and Italian Merino Wool, my personal favorite is the Cashmere! Grana is currently reaching out to see how we pursue quality in our lives, just like how they pursue quality in their clothing. One of the ways how I pursue quality is by taking time away from my phone (social media, etc.) and spending time with loved ones. How do you pursue quality? 



One of my favorite bags I own is this little black crossbody by von Holzhausen. What I love most about the bag is that it holds my main essentials, plus it's so versatile. I'm always running around and hardly ever have time to go home and change for dinner or when I go out for drinks, so no matter where I'm going I know with what I have on and with this bag, I'll fit right in.